North Rockland Youth Hockey Association. Hockey organization for boys and girls based in the North Rockland Area.

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September 15, 2020 UPDATE REGARDING THE NEW YORK STATE AMATEUR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION REQUESTS FOR SCRIMMAGES AND GAMES The New York State Amateur Hockey Association has been receiving inquiries about resuming scrimmages and games, and when that may be allowed by the State of New York. There also is concern about what the New York State Amateur Hockey Association is doing to hasten this process. The New York State Amateur Hockey Association has been working closely and directly with senior policy makers at NY Forward to have ice hockey games and scrimmages allowed under the Reopening New York guidelines. Those guidelines are found at the website, which includes specific guidance for safely resuming amateur sports activities, including ice hockey. NY Forward is the State of New York’s planning task force that focuses on getting New Yorkers back to work, and able to participate in recreation and other activities without triggering renewed spread of the COVID-19 virus or overwhelming local hospital systems. We have been advised that ice hockey games and scrimmages, likely on a non-contact (no checking) basis, is a high priority item currently under discussion by the senior policy makers at NY Forward, particularly with respect to coordinating the Northeast States into a uniform policy regarding ice hockey travel, scrimmaging and playing games. Based on this, we are hopeful that these activities in some form will be allowed. We will continue to keep the membership updated. Yours in Hockey New York State Amateur Hockey Association, Inc. Joe Baudo