North Rockland Youth Hockey Association. Hockey organization for boys and girls based in the North Rockland Area.

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Have you stayed away from playing ice hockey or registering your children because of something someone told you? Like these for instance:

Hockey Is Too Dangerous 

Wrong. Your child is more likely to receive a concussion playing girls travel soccer than ice hockey. As kids get older and checking is allowed, the game does become more physical and as in all sports, injuries may occur. USA hockey has made tremendous strides in making hockey the fastest and most competitive sport for boys and girls in the USA. The rules for contact in ice hockey have also gone through significant changes making the game faster and safer. 

Hockey Is For Boys Only

Wrong. Hockey in general is growing each year. Now more and more girls are taking to the ice and competing in co-ed and women's only leagues and teams. Although checking becomes a big concern for female athletes playing co-ed, some women continue to play co-ed straight tthrough high school. If you want to see some great hockey games, check out Team USA's female hockey teams or the National Womens Ice Hockey League like the NY Riveters.

It's Just Too Expensive

Ice hockey is not cheap. No travel sport is. However, at North Rockland we keep costs affordable and with a volunteer coaching staff we are one of the lowest if not the lowest ice hockey program in the area. The cost of ice time is very high and with the lack of ice rinks in the area, the major cost for any organization is ice time. At NRYHA we use the most of our ice time by following the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) which maximizes ice by having several teams practice at once. We also run a successful yearly golf outing that assists in keeping player tuition to a minimum. We also have payment plans. Contact us to see if hockey is something you can afford, you might just be surprised.

The Times Are Either Late or Early And The Travel Is Too Far

Ok, sometimes. Like we said earlier, lack of rinks makes it difficult to schedule. However, the latest practice time we have is 8:15pm and that is only for our older Bantam kids. Practices are held locally at Sportorama or Bear Mountain. When we schedule games, we try to use the no more than 1 hour away rule for games. The only time travel would be longer is for a tournament. 95% of games are in either Rockland, Orange or Westchester Counties. A few times a year, our younger teams will be scheduled for a game prior to 7am. Personally, it starts the day off early and the kids love meeting for reakfast afterwards and then moving on with the rest of the day bright and early. 

Hockey Parents Are Crazy Especially At Games

Just a myth...?!?! Hahaha...It's the greatest sport, just ask one of our crazy parents. Hope this information helps and we hope you give hockey a try. For further info contact us by using the feedback button or visiting one of our social media sites or emailing us at